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I work full-time in Selecta as a Corporate Communications Supervisor slash Executive Assistant to the Managing Director/CEO. It's a Monday to Friday, nine to five kind of job, so my evenings and weekends are usually free for whatever I want to do. Much of my spare time is spent on reading, working out, sleeping, and of course, writing - I maintain this blog as well as a personal journal.

When I worked for SMX, I did a lot of writing for the company. I penned the various collateral materials such as the brochures, websites, and flyers, and I even wrote the copy for some of our print advertisements. I teamed with PushDesign, a local graphic design studio, and I must say they're very easy to work with. Carlo and Nina, the couple behind the curtain, are the nicest people on earth, and probably among the best in their game.

Words can mean money
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March last year, I left SMX, and four months later, I got an interesting call from PushDesign about a new project for my former employer. They were commissioned to come up with a brochure and a print advertisement for SM's latest convention property in Davao. Naturally, I jumped at the project because it meant money! Haha! And writing for SMX is very easy for me; I worked there long enough to know the ins and outs.

Since then I took other freelance writing jobs for random people. One was for Karlo's carpet-cleaning company - I wrote the template for proposals and I created the pricing structure. The other was for Ana's environmental analysis for her food distribution business. The pay isn't great, but it is guilt-free extra income that I can use to splurge on food, wine, and books.

I plan to make this freelance writing gig more official by coming up with a service contract. That way, I don't end up giving too many concessions, and I limit the number of revisions (some clients LOVE to revise for no good reason). I hope more projects come my way, and soon!


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