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Al Gore visited Manila in 2009 to present an updated version of his award-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. The venue was SMX, and I was employed there at the time. It was part of my job to write something about the event for our international media connections, so my boss got me a really good seat (not front row, but good enough!).

Prior to that event, I've actually not seen the documentary. I've heard about it, but I never found the time to watch. I have to say, the whole thing is as good as people said it is. The facts that he presented were scary, and even upsetting, but they were necessary and relevant. People need to know, and more importantly, act.

I was more than grateful to be there. Seeing Mr. Gore in person was an almost surreal experience. This man was the former Vice President of the United States of America. He was a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. But from what I heard from the organizing team, he didn't ask for special treatment - he was there as a civilian trying to make a difference.

Too bad I couldn't write much about the presentation itself. I was writing the article for CEI Asia Magazine, an international publication for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE), so I had to tailor my writing to focus on what went on behind the scenes. My article was about organizing the event, and not the event per se.

Half page story, edited
(image provided by CEI Asia Magazine)
When I was done writing, I sent the article over to Megan Gell and Shannon Sweeney of CEI Asia, along with some photos from the event's public relations partner, Campaigns and Grey. I expected them to pick up the story - Al Gore is not a nobody. I knew that I didn't have to fight for space. What I didn't expect is to make the cover, but the story did.
The prize
(image provided by CEI Asia Magazine)
I squealed like a girl (oh wait, I am a girl! Haha) when a copy of the issue landed on my desk. Like seeing Al Gore in the flesh, having my story on the cover of an international magazine was surreal, and I was beyond ecstatic.

Sadly, though, I wasn't credited for the article. They put someone else's name there - I think she was the one who edited the piece. But I didn't mind, because I know for a fact that I wrote the damn thing. And Megan assured me that if I ever needed me to vouch for that, she'd happily put it in writing.

This is the second time I got published internationally (the first was a feature on SMX, published in MICE in Asia Magazine), but this is definitely the first that I made cover. This is the biggest accomplishment of my brief career in SMX, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do what I love.


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