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For about six years, I didn't even own a single one-piece. The Speedo I used during my days as a swimmer got lost in one of my frequent housing transfers, and because I wasn't training anymore, I decided against buying another one. In invested more in bikinis and cover-ups for my beach trips.

But if there's one thing I've learned about bikinis, it's the fact that they are not the ideal attire when swimming laps and/or diving. It's a relief that I'm nowhere near famous so no one really bothers to look my way when I'm in a swimsuit; otherwise, I would be haunted by unintentionally-revealing photos for the rest of my life.

And a new long-term goal that I have decided on is to join a triathlon, so I figured it's about time I invested in competitive swimming gear once again. Although I have to conquer the marathon first, I don't see any harm in trying to get my groove back on the water as early as now.

Black is always a good choice for swimwear, because it can really make you look slim! Haha! Speedo is my top-of-mind brand; I've been wearing them since I was a little girl learning how to do the dog crawl. I opted for the simplest design (racerback) because it's the cheapest in the training range.
As for the cap, I got it for only Php237.00 in the Adidas Factory Outlet in Marikina Riverbanks Mall! I wasn't actually thinking of buying one on that day, but that's a very good price for a silicone cap so I couldn't resist. Besides, I need it to keep my hair in place when I'm doing laps.
And to cap it off.
My goggles are also Speedo, and I've had them for three years now. I got the clear Sidewinder, because for some weird reason, I find it harder to wear goggles with the foam lining. These stay in place even when I dive, so I love them.
I can see you
I'm thinking of buying training paddles, training fins, kick board, and pull buoy down the line, as I get more serious about the triathlon (I obviously need to get a bike, too). But for my current needs, these three have me covered.


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