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I like spending time in my bedroom. It's not big, and although I could definitely use a little more space, it's enough for me. After all, it has a closet, a bed, a bookshelf, a dresser, and a shoe rack, so I have no complaints. Obviously, the bed is what gives the room its purpose, but all other things give it character - my character.

Below are eight little things that make the room mine:

Red Horse
Obviously, this is not a bottle of beer. It's called taka (papier-mache), and I bought this from a small store in Quesada Street in Paete, Laguna. That's the place where my mother grew up, and it's also where she's buried. This horse reminds me of that place, and of her.

Sugar Stash
I don't sit well with hunger (I know I should be used to it considering I feel it every couple of hours), so it's always good to have emergency supplies. I have various biscuits and crackers. Usually I'd have junk food, too, but I went though it already and I'm thinking twice of getting fresh bags as I'm trying to get over my MSG dependence.

Big Ben
I am not a morning person, and getting up is almost always a struggle (except if it's already 10am). This clock rings like a fire alarm, so it's very effective in waking me. It's a gift from Marvie, and he got it for me in my favorite color.

The Fox
Aside from my blog, I also keep a private journal for the things I really want to keep to myself. The notebook is a gift from Digital Fox (now called GA Printing), one of my printing suppliers when I still worked for SMX. It has my name on it, how cool is that? And the paper is divine, so writing on it is always a delight.

Cash Cow
This is a gift from my brother and his ex-wife for my 19th birthday, and to this day, I'm not sure why they chose it. But I'm glad they did, because it's where I keep my cash before I hit the banks (I really don't like keeping money under the mattress).

Epol Apple
Although I'm not the type who gets attached to things, I have to say that this is one of my more prized possessions because of what's in it: music, movies, television series, and of course, my writings. It's a Western Digital external drive, and I put the Apple sticker on it just for kicks.

Beverage Counter
Wine has this incredible calming effect that I love, which is why I've decided that I simply must keep a few bottles in stock. I usually have one glass with my supper. Two if I'm writing something lengthy.

Holy Grail
Seasoned wine drinkers will tell you that the glass has an effect on the taste of wine; I wouldn't really know that because I'm not a connoiseur. But I still would not dream of drinking wine from a mug or a water glass, so I'm using a heavy crystal goblet that I found in the kitchen.

I love my room, and I'm gonna miss it when I move out, especially since I'm not coming back. But the character items will leave with me (except the wine glass). And I know I'll be just as OC in my next dwelling.


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