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I previously wrote about my gym playlist, and I put a photo of my trusty first-generation iPod Nano for the world to see. One of my friends, Carlo, told me that Apple is recalling iPods like mine because of a battery problem. It actually wasn't the first time I heard of it - another friend (also named Karlo, would you believe that?) told me about the recall, but I never really had the chance to trade it in.

I almost didn't go through with it, because it meant I would lose my beloved iPod for three weeks. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of not having my music for the daily commute to and from work. But I was getting a better and more reliable replacement, so I handed my old unit over and waited three weeks for the new one.

The universe must have really been on my side with this whole thing. For starters, my old unit was acquired by my brother from one of his office mates about three years ago. Although it was in good condition, the seller only asked for Php1,000 for it, so my brother bought it for me. If the original owner would ever find out about the recall, I'm sure he'll regret selling.

Tada! The new isawisayPod
My old Nano's storage capacity was only 4GB, but I got an 8GB replacement because it was the smallest capacity for the sixth-generation Nano. On top of being a really cool MP3 player, th new Nano has a voice recorder (which I used to record "Love is a Losing Game" for a previous post) and an FM radio.

But the best Nano feature for me is the Nike Fitness app. It measures time, distance, and calories burned with each run! Before I got the new unit, I was actually thinking of buying a Garmin sports watch to allow me to measure my progress when I run outside the gym.

The unit can be easily clipped on to whatever I'm wearing for hands-free listening. It can also be converted into a watch; it has a clock face feature. Straps are sold separately at any Apple reseller. I wanted to get one, but when I tried it on, my wrist turned out to be too small for it.

Relief, excitement, delight would accurately describe what I felt when I got the text from Powermac Center that my new iPod Nano was ready for pick-up. It coincided with a meeting I was having in Makati the day after, so the timing was nothing short of impeccable.


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