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One of my office mates in Plantersbank, Kuya Brian, gave me a copy of the pilot episode of the USA legal drama, Suits. I was the new girl in the team, and he was being nice because I had a coffeemaker - just kidding! But seriously, he gave me something to watch because he figured I might have been bored in my office, which was eleven floors away from the rest of the team's. I'm grateful he did, because I would have died of boredom.

That's a lot of hair gel.
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Quite the ensemble.
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I watched the 90-minute pilot and I got so hooked I watched it thrice in one day. Since then, I have religiously followed the series, one episode at a time. When the first season ended, I almost went berserk! That was the mother of all cliffhangers, and the long wait for the follow-up was, to say the least, painful. I'm glad that season two didn't disappoint so far, and I'm hoping the remaining six episodes airing this January live up to my expectations.
Harvey Specter - the best closer New York has ever seen.
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In a previous post, I raved about the soundtrack, but a show is made great by a lot of factors. I think you'll agree that the most important element would be the writing. The script can make or break the whole thing, and Suits is a great example of the former. The premise is flawed: having a photographic memory allows a person to remember specific details of an event vividly, but not literally everything.
Aaron Korsh, the genius behind the curtain
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Through solid writing, the show redeems itself from this error. Each episode deals with a case, which serves as a backdrop for the season's prevalent theme. Season one was basically about Mike's dirty little secret, while season two revolved around the power struggle within the firm. The situations gave characters plenty of room to develop, making them round and believable.
You just got Litt up!
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They're very human, and it's interesting to watch how they respond to their circumstances. Nothing is ever as simple as black and white with these guys. Take Louis, for instance - he couldn't simply be dismissed as an antagonist, because despite his devious and cunning ways, he has his shining moments. He struggles between the good he has in him and his desperate desire to get ahead and beat Harvey.
Tuxedo situation
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Harvey and Mike's mentor-student dynamic adds to the overall appeal of the show. Harvey took it upon himself to give Mike's life some much-needed direction and structure. But what I appreciate about it is that it's not one-sided. It's not always Harvey who has the upper hand; Mike schools him from time to time, especially on the subject of being human. The same complex relationship exists between Jessica and Harvey, and when Mike joined the team, the proverbial baton was passed on.
Power, beauty, grace
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The success of the characters is as much dependent on the writing as it is on the acting. Each actor is tailor-fit for the role he or she plays. Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson is a casting achievement like no other. She has a strong presence, and she infuses the character with much elegance, maturity, and power. And it doesn't hurt that she's stunning. [Segue: I last saw her in the spy-fi series Alias, where she played Ana Espinosa, the arch-nemesis of the main protagonist Sydney Bristow, played by Jennifer Garner.]
"I don't appreciate limitations placed upon my beauty."
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Could you think of other actors who could play the role of Harvey, Mike, Donna, Jessica, Rachel, and Louis? I think not. These actors' have quite the remarkable ability to dissolve into their respective characters. More than that, they have incredible chemistry both on and off-screen, and that's how they're able to pull off the playful banter (especially those with movie quotes) that makes Suits quite the riot. Even the gag reel is awesome.

P.S. The wardrobe is beyond awesome.


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