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I previously posted the contents of my bag, and the stuff in my room. That just leaves one more space to explore - my office cube! I'm actually having second thoughts about posting this because there's really nothing special about my work area. But then I figured, there is something special about the space - the OC! :)

Since my job requires me to be mobile (I need to be ready to get uprooted at any moment, if my boss needs me someplace else), I was issued a laptop instead of a desktop computer. It's a heavy piece of equipment, so there are days when I leave it in the office after work hours. I call it Adele because it's a Dell, haha!

Rolling in the deep.
When I do stay in the office, Adele takes front and center, being the most important work tool. It's my non-living best friend, you see, and I feel bad knowing that if and when I do decide to leave the company, I have to part with it. Sniff.
Ack! MICE!
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus (which isn't a dinosaur, whoa!) and Dictionary of Quotations have been with me since my SMX days, and they are actually still very useful to me (that makes me the dinosaur) since I write a lot.

They're lined up against the magnetic makeshift wall of my cube along with my sharpener, calculator, puncher, tape dispenser, and stapler. I use different mugs for coffee and water. My black mug is a gift from Travel Cafe Philippines; when you put hot water in it, it magically changes color! Mickey Mouse is for water.

To make the space a little more personal, I threw in a zebra picture holder with two wallet-sized prints: a photo of my two nieces, Sofia and Stefani, and behind it, me and my best friend, Joandrea. I made it a point to keep myself out of sight.
The Moleskine takes center stage.
My Moleskine is the second most important thing on my desk, because everything I need to do for the day is listed on it. I have a wide assortment of writing instruments like pens, pencils, and markers, plus multi-colored notepads and sticky notes to write on.

Then there are the other desk-musts: phone, calendar, calling cards, Sign Here sticky flags, scissors, and the big-ass business card holder. Boring, run-of-the=mill stuff, really. But I like that everything has a proper place, and I cold fish for what I need with my eyes closed.
OC Treasure Chest
I'm a bit of a hoarder, too, as shown by the snapshot of the top drawer of my mini-cabinet. But in my defense, I have to have all these things in case John asks for them. These are not just for me; they're for the Office of the Managing Director/CEO.
Recently, I got a gift from Microsoft - a fortune bamboo! I've been told it's lucky to grow one, that if it prospers, so will the person who took care of it. I've only had it for a week, so I don't know yet if that's true. But whether it's lucky or not, I like having it on my desk. I've even put "water the bamboo" on my daily To Do List.

My work area is clean and organized, and I like keeping it that way. With everything I need literally at my fingertips, I get to do my job more efficiently.


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