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Forgive the stupid pun of a title - I could not resist. A few weeks back, I went to Marikina Riverbanks Mall to buy a pair of workout gloves from the Nike Factory Outlet. I also got a silicone swimming cap from the Adidas Factory Outlet. It was so tempting to buy more, but as I was on a budget, I stepped out as soon as I got the goods I came for.

Outside the mall, though, this huge ukay-ukay shop called Raberly called me by name. It's right across the mall, and since I had to cross the street to get a ride home, I figured there was no harm in taking a look. I didn't have much luck, though - most of the items were either too big or too small for me. But I still left the store happy with my precious find below:

Finally, a vest to make my suit a three-piece!
But it could go with other things, too. :)
A steal at Php50, this vest definitely fits my budget, not to mention my torso! I can't wait to take this baby out for a spin! Black is almost always a safe color, so I'm sure it will work well with a lot of the clothes I already have. But I'm definitely looking for two more vests - white, and beige.

STORE INFO: The shop is called Raberly, and it's located across Riverbanks Mall in Marikina City.


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