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Please know that I am fully aware that the Philippines is a tropical country and is therefore not the best place on earth to be wearing a turtleneck. Be that as it may, I decided to invest in six of them last year. In my defense, I do get cold easily, and that's when these babies come in handy.

I've worked in five different companies since I left school in 2007, and the one thing that my jobs have in common is freezing offices. At the height of the summer, I remain oblivious to the sweltering heat for nine whole hours inside the workplace.

Even cheaper than a Cornetto!
To those who would argue that six is too much, do hear (or should that be read?) me out. By "invest," I meant putting down a whopping Php60 for all six. Yes, I spent a mind-blowing Php10 for each. So in this case, buying the same thing in six different colors is not excessive.

Turtlenecks work with practically any bottom - jeans, slacks, or skirts. For the office, I could easily put a blazer over it to make it formal enough. And on especially cold days, I'd wear it under a dress to stay warm.

All these were bought from the shop in Guadalupe where I got the Cornetto LBD. Click here for the post with the store information.

P.S. Sorry about the title. Haha!


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