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Any office woman will tell you that one of if not the most important items of clothing to own is a basic black (ergo versatile) blazer. It gives any outfit, no matter how casual, a corporate flair. You can be wearing a regular tank top underneath and still look like a boss! If you pair it with a decent bottom (skirt or pants) and high heels, that is.

A well-fitting blazer can instantly make a girl look really sharp, but it can also drain her wallet! Good blazers, especially the ones with well-sewn inner lining, can be quite expensive. However, this investment need not blow a hole in your budget if you know where to look. I'm talking about ukay-ukay, of course.

No shoulder pads for me, thank you.
I scored this great-fitting blazer for Php65! It's not exactly in mint condition, but because it's black, it doesn't show. Whenever I wear this, I feel respectable! Haha! Since leaving the bank, I'm no longer required to go all-out corporate, so I usually pair this with a bright tank top, skinny jeans, and pumps.

Sometimes, our office tends to get too cold, so this baby comes in handy for those occasions, too! The polyester inner lining really does keep me warm. That being said, however, this is not something I would wear under the sun; I usually carry it in my hand when I need to step out of the office.

STORE INFO: The shop is located in Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. From the Guadalupe MRT Station, walk towards Hotel Sogo along EDSA. In the building next to it, there's a narrow passageway that leads to the street parallel EDSA. Before you reach the other end of the passageway, you'll find the store.


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