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I've always loved the summer, because it meant a break from school, beach trips with good books, light clothing and a scorching sun. For me, nothing beats a nice dip in cool seawater after a day-long bake, and getting a deep tan line to boot.

The rainy season, on the other hand, is a huge struggle for me. I hate showing up for work in wet clothing. I especially dislike getting my things drenched in acid rain. Since there's really no way to prevent rain, I naturally had to adapt. An umbrella is an absolute must, but the weather is what it is, so it's no longer enough to have just that.

Jackets complement my efforts to become somewhat rain-proof. I have a couple of sporty windbreakers, even one with a hoodie for more extreme situations. But my favorite would have to be an Old Navy coat that I got brand spanking new from the ukay-ukay.
The last piece of clothing I bought with my Mom before she passed away.
Without the belt, it's practically a man's jacket.
I bought this for Php250, which is expensive considering where I got it from, but it's worth every penny. I like the fabric because it doesn't get wet easily, and it keeps me really warm. The cut, along with the deep olive color reminiscent of camouflage, makes it androgynous.
Tight around the waist, the belt gives the illusion of an hourglass figure. Emphasis on illusion.
The cuffs are perfect to clip my iPod to, even if they make the jacket a bit heavy.
Whenever I wear this (especially with a pair of deadly stilettos), I feel as though I'm this sophisticated European woman walking the streets of Manila - with the Bajo Fondo Tango Club playing Pa Bailar in the background, my hips swaying from left to right with each beat.

I got this from the store in Pembo, Makati, the same place where I got the white vintage dress (click here for the post with the store information). Another lucky find, I must say; this is the one thing that makes me like the rainy season.


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