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The -Ber months are here, and that means Christmas is just around the corner! That means I need to start putting together a gift list. I do give gifts, but because I'm not a big shopper, I only give presents to a select few. I don't mind spending if it's for the people who matter to me.

I also do a little shopping for myself during the season! What's the point of working hard if I don't occasionally indulge, right? Besides, my birthday is so close to Christmas that I think I'm entitled to some niceties. Below is my material wishlist for Christmas/my birthday this year:


A thousand books at my fingertips
(photo from the internet)
My best friend, Joandrea, has been bugging me to get one since last year, and I kept making excuses not to get one. But then I figured, I am a voracious reader, and my current bookshelf at home can only hold so many titles. Although I will always prefer to read paperbacks, I figured I should invest on a Kindle.

Moleskine Passions - Wine Journal
Carnet Vins
(photo from the internet)
As I am slowly educating myself about wine, I figured this journal would be a great way to document my journey from one varietal/brand/country/bottle to the next. If I had to choose between the Kindle and this, I'd choose this for now - I still have a lot of paperbacks waiting to be read, anyway.

Moleskine The Little Prince 2013 Planner
Le Petit Prince!
(photo from the internet)
This is something I've been getting every year since 2009. I consistently buy the Daily Planner, so I get one page per day. I write my color-coded To Do Lists on these pages, and on lighter days, I use the space to write highlights, quotes, ideas. My friend Clarisse pointed out that Moleskine notebooks are a perfect match for my old soul.

Pool Cue
Hard to find
(photo from the internet)
I badly miss billiards. I posted about looking for a nice cue stick last August, and to this day, I have yet to find one that suits me. I do hope I find one by Christmas, though. My friend Jerry and I are going to have a re-match (he'll try to take back the Hustler crown he passed on to me).

My actual wishlist is quite long, but a lot of the items listed there are not 'things' per se - good health and happiness, peace of mind, new experiences for the coming year, success, etc. - for me and for the people I care about. Turns out, I'm not that materialistic, after all.


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