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Albert Camus said that the only truly philosophical question is why we have not killed ourselves yet. I do not have the answer for all human beings, but I do have a partial answer for myself: I do not want to die just yet. I know that the world is tough, and I, for one, am not exactly the most optimistic person walking around. And I’m definitely not the luckiest – I do not have what people call a charmed life. However, there is something that urges me to live on, to enjoy the now and to not fear tomorrow, and vague as the concept of ‘something’ may be, it’s enough to keep me going.

Answer that.
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And now, a tip to all tormented souls: Resist the temptation to take your own life while you’re experiencing the occasional pang of loneliness. Instead, find any creative outlet that suits you – writing, drawing, sculpting, and the list goes on. Forgive the irreverence to all the great artists who took that road, but I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a beautiful or meaningful suicide, and I humbly disagree with people who glorify it as the way of the brave.

After the taking of a life, all there will be left is a hole, and in it is a corpse reeking of urine and feces, devoid of all beauty and meaning. Do not get me wrong; I believe in the afterlife as much as the next person, and that is another one of the uncertainties that I indulge myself in. I have every faith that something better awaits us after our souls leave our old, decaying physical bodies behind us – otherwise, what’s the point of this life now?

What I do not agree with, however, is taking a short cut to get to that cosmic destination. Putting your own life at your hands is an insult to your perfection. There is a design greater than ourselves that we shouldn’t mess with. (Besides, in the unlucky event that there is no afterlife, wouldn’t you want to have lived here on earth as long as you can?)


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