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I previously wrote (and raved) about Galileo Enoteca Deli in Eastwood City, Libis. I ended the post with a promise that I'll be coming back, and that's exactly what I did! My friend Pauline and I are huge fans of the place, and it's one of the reasons we're so excited to move to Eastwood!

We met up at Subway, where we both had a roasted chicken sandwich for dinner. After that, we went to Globe to settle her phone bill, and then to Watson's to get her boyfriend a pack of Band-Aids. We also went to Make Room to canvass for crystal wine glasses for our future condo.

As always, the staff were very warm and welcoming. One even said, "Welcome back, Ma'am," when we walked in. I was amazed that they recognized us, even after just two prior visits!

Women and wine
Our usual table was free, so that made me very happy! They didn't reserve it for us or something; it was purely coincidental that the other patrons opted to sit someplace else. I love that table because the backdrop is a full shelf of various kinds of wine.
No House Wine for us tonight!
We've already decided that we were not going to order the house wine anymore, since we've had that on two prior occasions. We browsed through the wine list, focusing mainly on the selection of reds. After a few minutes, we narrowed our list down to two items: Primitivo del Saliento Doc, and Cabernet Sauvignon Il Roccolo.
The winner
The waiter was kind enough to show us the bottles of both wines. I'm the label-reading type of person. Luckily for us, there was an open bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Il Roccolo, so we got to taste it. That was my first time to try that brand of Italian wine, and I liked it a lot because it was fresh, crisp, and fruity.
Opening ceremony
Without trying the other, we decided to order the Cabernet Sauvignon - a full bottle, at that. It was the first time we ordered an entire bottle; we usually settled for the big carafe (two glasses for each of us). The waiter uncorked the fresh bottle in front of us, so I took a picture.
Awesome sauce, literally
I must admit, I was a bit worried that we might not be able to finish the whole thing. But with two servings of bread and dip, Pauline and I managed to finish the whole bottle, and we weren't even tipsy after. Awesome night! :)


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