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I've been to Puerto Galera twice, both times with my ex-boyfriend Marvie. We were with officemates on the first visit, and on the second one, it was just the two of us. Our companions on our first adventure took photos I can use for my blog. Marvie and I didn't take any photos on our second visit - we were both too lazy. Haha! 
With former officemates, waiting for the sunset on our first day in the island.
Final lunch before leaving the island
The first visit was memorable because it was my first time to wear a bikini. I was 21 years old. All my life I've worn a Speedo one-piece whenever I hit the water. It's not that I'm being conservative - I'm actually quite open-minded. And even if I didn't have a kick-ass figure, I never really had body issues.
Stepping out in a bikini for the first time!
But being an athlete, I invested in practical one-piece swimwear that allowed me to do drills without worrying about flashing someone. Prior to the trip, I actually didn't own a bikini - I had to go shopping three days before we left for Puerto Galera.
L-R: Strell, Hiyas, Maris, and me
We planned to stay for a mere two days, so I just bought one set. Always opting to be safe, I got a plain white two-piece for the island adventure. I had an old tankini rotting in my closet, so I brought the bottom half of that as an alternate.
Mix, match, and dive!
It was also my first time to do yoga by the beach, and I must say, it was easier for me to find my center in such serene surroundings. Although there were a lot of people at the time we went, the incredible calming effect of the sea overpowered whatever human noise there was.

Puerto Galera is a nice, cheap escapade from the daily grind of the city life, but to be honest, I'm not thinking of going back anymore. I think I've already experienced everything that the island has to offer, so it's time for me to look for new places to visit. With new bikinis, of course. (P.S. That's what I did.)


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