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There's this small restaurant in Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City called Persiana. It's a stone's throw away from John's (my boss) other office, but because I'm not a huge fan of Mediterranean cuisine, I never really had the motivation to give it a try.

It was Denise who dragged my lazy ass to the place. Denise is the brand manager of Yabu, and she holds office in Pioneer. I reported there to fix John's computer, and minutes before noon, she insisted that we step out for lunch. Since John was still in a meeting, I figured I had time to grab a bite.

The binding reminds me of the storybooks I read as a kid. :)
Because I am completely unfamiliar with Mediterranean dishes, I had absolutely no idea what to order. So like my fashion choices, I opted to order something that sounded safe: chicken kebab! I got the meal that comes with rice and chopped vegetables. I can't remember how much it is, but I'm sure it's under Php200.00.
Balanced diet
We've already placed our orders when Tita Lourdes, the janitor, walked into the restaurant looking for me. John's meeting was over and he was looking for me. With a heavy heart, I went back to the office. Denise stayed behind to wait for our food. She brought it back in a bag, and we ate our lunch on her desk.

I can't vouch for its authenticity since I don't have a single clue how real Mediterranean food is supposed to taste like, but I liked how Persiana's chicken kebab tasted. It was still a great meal even if the dining experience wasn't particularly pleasant; I hate eating from foil, styrofoam, and paper containers, and I especially dislike using plastic spoons and forks.

But the food tasted great, so it was still a good meal. I'm thinking of going back one of these days, and I really, really hope it won't be another lunch, interrupted. Haha! :)


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