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I was six when my mother first signed me up for swimming lessons at the Philippine Columbian Association, under the Bert Lozada Swimming School. It's a practical move, actually, and I'm very lucky she made me do it. Swimming is survival. I just happened to like it a lot that I kept at it until college.

My friend Hannah made a list of the things she'd like to do, try, and/or accomplish before her 25th birthday, and one of them is to learn how to swim. Since I was, once upon a time, a competitive swimmer, I volunteered to be her coach.

Every Sunday, we head to Philsports Arena (formerly ULTRA) for a nice afternoon swim. The pool there is clean and well-maintained, so it's definitely worth the Php60.00 usage fee. I'd pay more if the shower rooms and toilets were cared for to the same extent as the pool.
The golden ticket. Well, yellow ticket.
I'm trying to remember the things I learned when I was younger so I can teach Hannah how to do them. It's all about the basics - kicks, pulls, and breathing. After we accomplish that, we can move up to proper form. Progress is slow, but we're both in this for the long haul so wish us luck! :)

When Hannah takes a break from the lesson (or when she's doing the drills I give her), I get the chance to swim, too. I can't do the things I used to do anymore, but I'm hoping that through regular practice, I'd be able to re-live the glory days to a degree.
Fighting form.
Right now I'm training for the marathon, but swimming is a welcome addition to my routine. I read from the internet that swimming is actually a good alternate workout for runners, because it works your legs without the impact of your weight. And since one of my longer-term goals is to finish the triathlon, then this weekly training is a great step towards that.


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