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I cannot dance for the life of me. While I did my share of cheerleading, field demonstrations, and other school programs, I know for a fact that I have absolutely no shot at being a professional dancer. In my defense, all the dancing I ever did in public was done under a great deal of duress.

My gym buddy, Shaine, has been bugging me for the longest time to join the dance classes in Fitness First, but I've always bailed out on her. At one point I almost did go, but I chickened out at the last minute so I hid by the treadmills. I'm so poorly coordinated, it's not even funny. I didn't want to make a complete fool of myself in a room full of people.
Looks like fun, but I JUST CAN'T! :(
(photo from the internet)
But just because I have two left feet, it doesn't mean I don't dance at all. I actually do a lot of dancing - in the privacy of my own home, that is. I wave my arms and sway my hips to great music (my current favorites are Bajo Fondo Tango Club and LCD Soundsystem) at least once a week, when I do my chores.

Chores bore the hell out of me (I'm sure a lot of people share this sentiment). Let's face it - sweeping the floor and dusting furniture is not exactly fun. So I try to make things a little more interesting with the help of loud music and embarrassing moves.
Embarrassing myself in private
(photo from the internet)
The principle is the same as singing in the shower, but the difference is when you dance while doing chores, you can actually lose weight! Cleaning your house can help keep those unwanted pounds at bay, and shaking your booty while doing it will result to a more intense burn.

Okay, I know this isn't something new, and it's definitely not a secret. But I figured we could all use a reminder that keeping your home neat and tidy has fringe benefits that make the effort worth it. :)


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