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Last week, I talked about The Missing Piece. I set out to write one blog post about both books, but I didn't expect the entry to be as long as it became, so I decided to break it down to two parts. The books are very different anyway.

Book Two
The Missing Piece Meets the Big O is the more relevant book to my life at the moment. It tells the story about, well, a missing piece searching for something that would make it whole. As with the previous one, I advise you to look at the cover illustration. This time around, the piece does not look like Pac-Man; it looks like a slice of a pie. Or a pizza, if you wish.

Because of its shape, the piece couldn't move. All it could do was wait around for another missing piece, one with which it will fit, in order for it to get around. The missing piece finally found the rest of the pie, and for a while, they happily rolled on together. Through time, however, the piece started to grow, and one day, it has gotten too big that it no longer fit the same space.

Now a bigger slice, the piece was left behind. Although it was bigger, it still couldn't move about because of its sharp corners. Then one day, the piece met the Big O. Since the Big O was already whole, it couldn't take the piece in anymore. But the Big O told the missing piece that it could move, little by little, one flip at a time. So that's what it did, and over the course of time, the corners disappeared. The piece became an O in itself, and it rolled on happily ever after.

After the breakup, I was the piece; I was the slice of the pie (or the pizza) immobilized by its sharp corners. Life just rolled by as I stood still, waiting for something to happen, waiting to be carried off by something or someone. But a friend rolled by, stopped briefly, and told me that I could do it. I could roll. It won't be a smooth start, but it was something I could do.

And that's what I did. I picked myself up, with Herculean effort. I tried, little by little, one step at a time. Naturally, I fell after each attempt. But I persisted. I pushed on, and I had battle scars to show for it. Over months, the scars dramatically changed me; there were moments when I barely recognized myself. But that's the point - I had to change to become my own whole, to become whole on my own.

I'm happy to say that I'm rolling now. And I'm no longer looking for the piece that would take me in and move me with it. I'm looking for another Big O, another whole that I can roll with in the same direction. Side by side, not as one entity, but as two equally happy, equally whole beings.


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