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My friend Pauline made me read two books that her friend lent her, The Missing Piece, and The Missing Piece Meets the Big O. Both books were brief fables on self-discovery written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein. I finished reading both books in under ten minutes. When I was done, I was changed forever.

Shel Silverstein, genius.
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Of the two books, The Missing Piece was the more relevant one at the time I read them. To facilitate the narration, please look at the photo of the book cover. The missing piece, shaped like Pac-Man, is looking for the other piece that will fill the void. One hop at a time, he braved jungles and seas to find what he believed would complete him, and on his journey, he always stopped to smell the flowers, to meet worms, to see butterflies.
He kept searching until one day, he found the one that fits perfectly. When he found it, they formed this one big circle together. Since the new shape was completely round, they rolled about together. But they started to roll so fast that they couldn't stop to smell the flowers, to meet worms, to see butterflies. In the end, the missing piece set down the other piece and hopped away.

A year before our breakup, I was already having doubts about my relationship with Marvie. He filled a void in my life, and he did so almost seamlessly. All my life I've looked for the one, and for five whole years, I believed it to be him. During most of those years, we were so 'together' that we just rolled through everything.

To say that it's unhealthy is an understatement. We became so much a part of each other that we forgot who we were as individuals. We forgot the world, even; we got detached from friends and family. We operated as though our relationship was the only thing that mattered, and all our decisions were made for, and because of it.

In the end, someone had to set the other down and hop on. That's what we're both doing now, hopping on, hopping away from one another. We're back to being two different people now, and although we're friends, we know that we're both moving in different directions. Our paths will never cross again - at least not romantically. Memories of all the good things will remain with us, but that's about it.

We're our own missing pieces now.


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