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Until recently, LCD Soundsystem wasn't even on my music radar. I know I'm unbelievably late to the party because James Murphy and his collaborators have been active since 2002, and sadly, they've disbanded in 2011. But now that I have their music in my iPod, I'm totally addicted!

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I was actually surprised at how much I like LCD Soundsystem. Not for anything, I was just never into dance music or electronica. I've always been partial to rock, jazz, blues, and classical, and the limited memory of my iPod Nano could no longer accommodate new tracks.

But since I first heard the song Yeah (Crass Version), I made room for LCD Soundsystem on my music device! I grabbed copies of all their albums, singles, and even the remixes, and I never looked back. At the moment, LCD Soundsystem's songs comprise 50% of my gym playlist!
Day or night music
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This band converted me completely. I always thought of electronica as upbeat, repetitive music with one-liner lyrics. But LCD Soundsystem is in a league of its own. This is dance music with meaning and depth, and I now have a new-found respect for the genre.
The final album
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My favorite songs are Daft Punk is Playing at My House, Yeah (Stupid Version), I Can Change, Dance Yrself Clean, and All My Friends. The last song reminds me of The Breakfast Club whenever I hear it! Almost all LCD Soundsytem songs are great, and I spend whole days in the office listening to them. Listening, and discreetly dancing in my seat - an effective way to stay energized, I must say.

P.S. My best friend, Joandrea, loves the song I Can Change! And I learned that Matt Bomer listens to them, too! Awesome! :)


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