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My friend Pauline encouraged me to watch the USA original series White Collar about the same time she told me to read the Fifty Shades Trilogy. She told me to watch it to see Matt Bomer, who was her pick to play Christian Grey for the film adaptation of the erotic novels. So I watched the pilot, and the rest is history. I was hooked  - click here for proof.

On its fourth season
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In the series, Bomer plays Neal Caffrey, a con artist turned consultant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The character is inspired by one of the smoothest criminals in history, Frank Abagnale, Jr. He's not your typical ex-convict - he's incredibly smart and absolutely disarming.
Bomer with the legendary Diahann Carroll and Billy Dee (S2 E13)
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It helps that he's easy on the eyes, too, especially when he's wearing vintage Sy Devore suits and classic Fedora hats reminiscent of the Rat Pack. I agree with Pauline on this one: Bomer is indeed a great pick for the role of Christian Grey. He's just so painfully good-looking you'd think he's the direct descendant of a Greek god.
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Tim DeKay plays Special Agent Peter Burke, the head of the White Collar Crime Unit of the FBI, is the brain behind Caffrey's arrest, and so he eventually became his handler when he was released from prison in exchange for his services as a confidential informant for the bureau. Together they bring notorious criminals to justice.
Grey matters
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With each case solved, their relationship progresses from handler-convict to an actual friendship, which is constantly tested by their circumstances. The show is built on the underlying theme of trust/distrust, and this primary conflict gives the characters ample room to evolve.
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The cast is quite the ensemble. Tiffani Thiessen plays Elizabeth, Peter Burke's wife. Willlie Garson's Mozzie is my favorite character, and I love how in recent episodes, he's come out of Neal's shadow. I hope the writers beef up Diahann Carroll's June Ellington, Marsha Thomason's Diana Berrigan and Sharif Atkins' Clinton Jones; they're great actors and I'd like to see them do more on the show.
Alex Hunter
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To be honest, White Collar is not the smartest thing on television at the moment. The heists pulled on this show are quite a stretch from what is believable. A lot of the sting operations are so flawed that I find myself wondering how any of these supposedly smart criminals get caught; for this reason, I frequently find myself rooting for those on the wrong side of the law, like recurring character Alex, played by Gloria Votsis.
If you know wines, you'll know this is the wrong bottle
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There are glaring factual errors that I can't bring myself to ignore, the most significant of which is the bottle of Bordeaux - it's the wrong shape, and the writers can't seem to decide if it's an '86 or a '92. But despite its shortcomings, White Collar is still a great show to watch, especially with a glass (or two) of wine. It's exciting, fun, funny, and again, easy on the eyes.


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