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Every Wednesday after work, my friend Hannah and I head off to the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus for a nice evening run. When we're done, she drops me off at Katipunan, where I could easily get a ride home. Supposedly, that is.

Because as it turns out, it's not easy to get on a jeep when there is an ukay-ukay store near the jeepney stop. The temptation is just too strong! The clothes were calling me by name, so I just could not resist. And good thing I didn't have it in me to walk away, because I found the perfect top for an evening run:

It's not exactly easy on the eyes. Haha! :)
Since Hannah and I run on the road at night, wearing this top will help keep me safe from getting hit by a vehicle (unless the driver is drunk) or by another runner (unless the runner is blind)! It's the same color as my favorite highlighter pen!

It's made of cotton, so it's very soft and very absorbent. It's quite thin, too, which is exactly how I like my gym clothes (although I'm not sure if it was made that way, or if the previous owners wore it out, haha!). I scored this for only Php60.

STORE INFO: The store is located along Katipunan Avenue, the part near Aurora Boulevard where the UP-Katipunan jeepney terminal is. It's beside 24K Drug Store (which is beside Mini Stop).


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