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I love white. It is pure, simple, and clean (for as long as you don't spill coffee over it, that is). In a sea of color, white stands out, and that's exactly how I found this little dress in a big pile of clothing:

Well, it was actually a bit yellowish when I found it, but I knew that the dirt would come off with the right mix of detergent powder and bleach so I bought it anyway. Besides, at Php50 (the price of a bar of Magnum Ice Cream), this is a steal!

The fabric is light, airy, and practically see-through, so I need to wear a white half-slip underneath just to keep people from seeing a faint outline of my round bum. And since I have a really short torso, the empire cut does wonders in hiding it.

It's perfect for the summer! It works great as a swimsuit cover-up, and that's exactly what I used it for when I hit Silliman Beach on my Dumaguete trip. And it's really very thin so it dries quite fast.
What I absolutely adore about it is the intricate stitching matched with the cutest knitted buttons I have ever laid eyes on. These accents infuse flavor into what would have been an overly plain dress.

I got this from the same shop in Marikina where I got my blue and white plaid baby dress, etc. (click here for the post with the store information).


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