Bouncing baby boy! :)

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I rarely update on Sundays, but this news is just too good to not be shared with the world (or at least with those who will stumble upon my blog). My friends, Ava and Gershwin, recently welcomed a new addition to their beautiful family - a bouncing baby boy named Asher Sagan Grey. Congratulations, you two! :)

Asher Sagan Grey a.k.a. Turkey (ha?) :)
Ava actually gave birth on Thanksgiving, so even if we don't really celebrate that holiday in the Philippines, we joked about giving Asher the nickname "Turkey." It's definitely quite the ice breaker. Not that this crooner seems to need any help with the ladies, but still, it's absolutely cute.
Athan is now a Kuya :)
Athan's a very happy Kuya (older brother), too! I'm told he was really excited about Asher joining the family that before Ava gave birth, he would always whisper "I love you" to her tummy! How sweet is that? :)
Gotcha! Cutest yawn ever. :)
I agreed to become Ninang (godmother) to this darling little boy a few months before he was born, and I promise to take the responsibility very seriously. Now the pressure is on to think of a really nice Christmas present! Haha! :)
A: you're adorable! :)
Gershwin actually called me while I was still in Punta Fuego to tell me the news, so when I got back to the city, I went straight to Makati Medical Center. I didn't want to break the news to the world before they did, so I just posted a congratulatory message on Twitter without naming him or Ava. But now that they've already posted their photos of Asher, then I can already talk about it freely! :)

Congratulations again, Ava and Gersh! :)


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