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About a month back, I met up with Abet, a good friend from college. He works in a law firm in Ortigas, and since I was in the area to pick up something for my boss, I checked if he could spare half an hour to catch up over coffee. Luckily, he was free! So we walked from his office to the nearest coffee shop.

The nearest coffee shop was Tully's, located at the ground level of The Exchange Regency in Ortigas. Like Abet, it was my first time there, and I wasn't disappointed. We ordered the Belgian Chocolate Croissant, and I liked it a lot because it wasn't overwhelmingly sweet.

And the best part is that our pastry came with free brewed coffee! I may not be a coffee connoisseur, but I still know good from bad - and this was definitely good. The level of bitterness perfectly complemented the chocolate in the croissant, so it was a great snack overall.
Reasonably-priced treat :)
Aside from the coffee and the pastry, I absolutely loved the warm, cozy, and comfortable interiors; it's a great place to meet with and talk to your friends. And the tables have bag hooks! I'm crazy about little things like that because it shows the company's attention to detail.
A nice cup of joe
I liked the crowd, too. I've been to enough coffee shops to know if people go there to pay for a drink or for the short-lived status symbol that is the branded cup. The patrons of Tully's actually go there to enjoy coffee, and that definitely makes the place more attractive for me.

As for service, I think that Tully's can definitely go head-to-head with its bigger competitors. The baristas are not the high-strung (a.k.a. borderline irritating and insincere) sort you meet in other shops; they're a bit more reserved but still much warmer and more welcoming.

Tully's is now my go-to place for meet-ups in Ortigas! :)


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