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Last September 23, 2012, I joined the Rexona Run with two other Running Belles, Hannah and Janel, plus Janel's brother John, and another Selecta office mate, Tarin. Danna was in Hong Kong with her family, Shaine was sick, and Ana had to pick her Mom up from the airport so it was just the three of us from the original lineup.

This is my first running event without a singlet. I ordered XS, but for some reason, I ended up with a large one! I was worried that the excess fabric might create a drag force, so I opted to wear something else. I just gave the singlet to my trainer, Daryll, and it fit him like a glove.

It's a shame I forgot to clip my iPod Nano on before the race. It's actually in my bag, which I left in Hannah's car. I created a playlist specifically for this run with LCD Soundsystem, Adam Freeland, and Led Zeppelin in the awesome lineup! I'll just save that for the next run.

Tarin, Hannah, Janel and moi
I signed up for the 5K category again because I wasn't sure if I'm ready for the next level just yet. I've been on and off training in the weeks leading to the event because of my schedule, so I opted not to push it for now. In addition, I want to break the 30-minute mark for 5K before I move up to the next category.

At 35'23", I managed to break my existing personal record for an outdoor run. Although I didn't do so bad, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed at the result. I know I could have done better, but unfortunately, I made two poor choices the night before the race.
Great turnout!
First is that I had (way too) generous servings of Veramonte Cabernet Sauvignon 2009. I'm not a big drinker, and I usually feel groggy the morning after a binge, so the decision to gulp down more than I could handle was obviously a dumb one. My hamstrings felt stiff and my joints ached like crazy!

The second poor choice is not sleeping early; I hit the sack at 130am and woke up at 330am to drag my sorry ass to the run. I'm going to try to shift a little bit of the blame to the incendiary Gabriel Garcia Marquez, whose book, One Hundred Years of Solitude, kept me from sleeping earlier. Haha!

Suffice it to say that I learned my lessons from this race (don't drink alcohol the night before the run, and get enough rest), just as I learned from Run United 2 to not run in newly-bought rubber shoes. I certainly hope I do better next time. But even if I didn't reach my goal, I still had loads of fun, because it's always a riot when Hannah and I are within five feet of each other! Haha! :)


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