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I'm not really one of those people who think their lives are either a musical or an episode of Glee; I don't randomly break into song, and I don't have a theme song for everything. But I do have a theme song for some people, things, or situations, and the anthem I chose for my body is Queen's Fat-Bottomed Girls!

The man who made fat-bottomed girls sexy. Bam.
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To be honest, I'm not even sure what this song means, so I'm just taking it at face value. Yes, I am a fat-bottomed girl. My butt's not big enough to be mistaken for a Kardashian (thank goodness), but it's definitely not proportionate to the upper half of my body. Sometimes I look like a triangle with legs.
Wide base
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Women generally come in four shapes - apple (top-heavy), pear (bottom-heavy), hourglass (lucky ones), and rectangles (straight). When I was younger, I was a rectangle, but when I hit puberty, I evolved into a pear. My breasts refused to catch up with my hips' horizontal growth.
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My shape makes buying clothing a little tricky. At my thinnest, I have to buy a medium bottom (skirts, pants or jeans) to go with an extra small top. There was even a time when I actually had to buy a bikini top and bottom from two different stores! But besides that minute hiccup, I really don't mind being a pear.

I'm fully aware that I am not supermodel material, but I still consider myself lucky because I didn't grow up with body issues. I never really went though that phase. I was insecure about other things like my singing and my writing, but never about my body. Perhaps it's because I didn't read enough beauty magazines. You might think I have it easy because my weight is right for my height, but for the record, there was a time I was chubby in the extreme.

Yes, I was chubby, but I was okay with it because it was enough for me that I was healthy. Despite the extra weight, I wasn't showing symptoms of heart disease and/or diabetes. Then I got thin, and I was okay with it until I realized I was too skinny and therefore unhealthy. Now I've managed to put on a few pounds, and I like where I am now, weight-wise.

The numbers on the scale don't matter to me for as long as it falls within the range considered normal for my height and build. I'm more concerned about the state of my health. I know that's a bit ironic considering that I'm still trying to quit smoking, but I'm working on that. Anyway, back to body issues, I think it's all a matter of being comfortable in one's own skin.
I'm a pear and I love it
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After all, there is nothing I can do to give my physique an overhaul (I'm not comfortable with the idea of cosmetic surgery). Dieting can only help with weight loss. Exercise can get you into shape, true, but it can't completely change your body type no matter how grueling your workout routine may be. If you're a pear, you'll just be a leaner, fitter pear.

I am a pear, and I know that I am far from perfect. But I'm perfectly comfortable with my imperfect body, with my small boobs and lanky arms, round legs and fat bum. I just embrace everything. I guess I have Freddie Mercury to thank - he was, after all, the man who said (or sang?) 'fat-bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go round!'


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