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I signed up with Fitness First last March after being 'dragged' by my friend Shaine. :) For about three months, I worked out almost every day. I even availed of personal training sessions to maximize my membership. My overall health improved immensely, and I'm happy I signed up.

We had a good run. Bye! :)
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Last month, however, I opted to cancel my membership with Fitness First. I thought about it for quite a while; I weighed the pros and cons before I finally arrived at the decision. The monthly membership fee is Php2,550, and although that's quite a good rate, it's still expensive. I moved out of my Dad's, so I need to drop some expenses.

Working out at the gym has become a bit boring, to be honest. It's all the same view, the same equipment, the same workouts. It's good for people who are in need of structure, of routines. But here's the thing - I already have a tad too many routines in my life! I have color-coded task lists, for crying out loud! I'm limited by what the gym offers, and that makes it a bit difficult to 'mix things up.'

Besides, at this point, I'm ready to be on my own, at least in terms of physical fitness. I signed up for gym because I needed a push to start living healthier. Exercise was one of the things lacking in my routine, and my health suffered because of that. But now that my body actually craves exercise, I have the push I need to keep going.
To the extreme
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Of course I won't have the same fancy equipment offered at Fitness First, but with the right program (and drive, of course), I can survive without them. I'm still running to prepare for the marathon. I use the Nike Fitness app in my iPod to measure my progress. I'm alternating my running workouts with P90X, which I got from my friend Joandrea (click here to check out her blog).
Dabbling with yoga, 2008
Back to the water
I'm also dabbling with yoga. I bought a copy of an introductory workout and I rather like it. The benefits of yoga go beyond physical health; it helps clear my mind of anxieties and stress. And I'm swimming again, too! My friend Hannah asked me to teach her how to swim, so I'm using the time to train again (joining and finishing a triathlon is one of my long-term goals).

So now that I've said goodbye to Fitness First, I have an exciting new hodgepodge of regimens to look forward to. One of these days, I just might try boxing! :)


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