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The Running Belles is a group of six girls - me, Shaine, Janel, Hannah, Danna and Ana. We all work for the same company, but we work in different departments. Shaine is in Finance, Janel and Danna are in Logistics, Hannah and Ana are in Customer Development, while I'm in Corporate Communications.

Our name started with Shaine. Another officemate, Earl, started calling her Shaineybelles (perhaps as a response to Earlie Burlie, a nickname she gave him), and it caught on so fast that practically everyone addressed her such. Shaine, in turn, appended our names with -belle/-belles whenever she called on us. Not only did we get used to it, we actually started calling each other with these new nicknames.

When our company sponsored the registration fee of its employees who wished to join the Condura Skyway Marathon, Shaine and Danna egged me to run with them. In the end, I succumbed to peer pressure (haha!), and I put my name on the list. That was our first run together. And it was also the event that officially made us The Running Belles.

1st run: 5 of 6
Since then, we've already participated in three other runs - Earth Run in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Run United 2 and Rexona Run in Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay. We're looking forward to more runs in the future. Hopefully, we'll be complete next time - there's always at least one person missing when we do run. So far, it's only Janel and I who ran all three events.
2nd run: 4 of 6
3rd run: 3 of 6
4th run: 3 of 6, plus one - Tarin :)
It's nice to have a group that I can run with; it makes the experience so much more fun and motivating. I owe them big time for getting me started with running. Cheers to more runs! :)


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