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There is a back story to every piece I write, be it a poem or a short. It comes from an actual personal experience, or a deep desire, or in most cases, a mix of both. My imagination is wilder than average, but at the same time, it's still rooted firmly on my psyche. It is a projection of myself - what I was, what I am now, and what I want to become.

Pieces of Tea is, thus far, my personal favorite amongst all my works. It's a twenty-six page story about Alex and Speedy, two people who go through life in a haze of sorts. I wrote the whole thing on my Creativity Journal back in the summer of my sophomore year in college. At the time, I lived in an environment that teemed with inspiration, surrounded by incredible people, and it took me all but thirty-six hours to pen the whole story.
The right brew
I finished it without a title; I couldn't decide what to call it. I asked my college blockmate, Ralph, to read and critique my work. He was actually the one who came up with the title, because to him, the characters seem to be picking up pieces of tea here and there in an attempt to find the right brew that could make them happy. Actually, he also is the source of some of the lines in the story, as well as some key plot points. So I guess it's safe to say that he is half the inspiration for this.

The other half, of course, was me. The story betrays truths and half-truths about my life then. I am Speedy just as Ralph was Alex. I was in love with the idea of loving him, but back then, I couldn't tell the difference between that and actually loving him. The ending is a poignant realization about self-reliance.

After the first time I read the whole thing, I remember crying out of a peculiar mix of emotions. I felt incredibly fulfilled for finishing the longest story I've ever written. But at the same time, I felt a little depressed - I felt like I was closing a chapter of my life, as though it were the end of an era of inhuman creativity.

Save for a few poems, I haven't written anything like Pieces of Tea again. But I'm thinking about it right now. It's a bit hard that I won't have thirty-six uninterrupted hours anymore because of my work, but I'll still try my hand at it. After all, recent events in my life are the perfect inspiration for another brew.


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