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There's this song I particularly love from the Suits soundtrack: Got to Have Rock and Roll by The Heartless Bastards! It was the background music in the scene where Harold got smitten at the sight of Rachel atop a ladder at the Pearson Hardman Law Library.

The song is absolutely raunchy! It had a distinct bluesy feel to it, but with a heavy rock edge. It has become my personal background music for when I'm feeling good (or feeling like a rock star, haha!)! I promise to learn to play this song before 2013 ends (I just need to buy a bass guitar again).
The Heartless Bastards
(photo from the internet)
Heartless Bastards is a quartet from Austin, Texas. I love that the vocalist is female - it shows that women can dominate the rock and roll scene! Erika Wennerstrom's voice is so unique, and what makes her so hardcore is that she's the guitarist and songwriter, too!

Drummer Dave Colvin, bassist Jesse Ebaugh, and guitarist Mark Nathan complete the lineup. Got to Have Rock and Roll is in their latest album, Arrow, a  follow-up to their acclaimed third album, The Mountain, released in 2009.

Anyone who's a fan of rock and roll, the blues, or just great music in general should listen to these bastards. :)


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