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Pag-Amin is a Filipino word that means "to confess," which is the big idea behind the song - this is about a girl finally admitting to a guy that she likes him. She struggles with what she feels, because when she first started hanging out with the guy, he was just a friend. However, her feelings started to change as they grew closer. She fell in love with him, which is bad news for her because he's in love with someone else.

It's loosely based on my story. I say "loosely" because almost everything is true. Except, of course for the part where the girl falls in love with the guy, because I am definitely not in love with him. For a brief period I thought I was, but that was because of vulnerability as opposed to real emotion. Good thing I was briefly confused, because it helped me write a song! :)

I wrote this one quiet evening at home. Out of nowhere, inspiration suddenly struck, so I grabbed a pen and my trusty Moleskine planner. On the blank page dated April 14, Saturday, my hand struggled to keep up with the speed that my brain was dictating lyrics. This song actually started as a poem since I didn't have a melody in mind. All I had were words.
Lyrics written on my Moleskine
When I was done writing, I emailed the lyrics to Gershwin so he can figure out the music. He worked on this for two weeks - he put together a catchy, sprightly tune, and he also did some re-writes to make the song fit the measure. I love the final result! The song wouldn't have been as good if it weren't for Gershwin's intervention.
Gershwin's part
(photo from the internet)
The rough demo is available on my SoundCloud account. Click here if you want to listen, and I hope you enjoy it!


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