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This is a story of why it's great to work in Selecta. About a month ago, I was walking back to my cube from my afternoon cigarette break when I saw Francis, one of our sales heads, in his office. I stepped in to say hi, and to ask about the unopened bottle of wine sitting quietly on his desk.

This one has a cork. Boom!
I've actually had my eye on that bottle of wine for months prior to that day, but I never got to ask him because when he was in his office, he's usually talking to his people. And I didn't want to let myself in when he's not around, so I waited for the opportunity to talk to him about it.
From La Mancha, a la Don Quixote!
So when I finally saw my window, I jumped at the chance to ask him about the wine. It's a bottle of Don Luciano (La Mancha, Spain) Tempranillo 2009, and I must admit I'm not quite familiar with the brand. I was about to step out when he offered to give me the wine!
He said he got it from an event, and he had absolutely no plans on drinking it! I asked him thrice if he was sure he was willing to part with it, and on his third confirmation, I grabbed the bottle and squealed in sheer, unadulterated glee.

I opened the bottle already, actually, but unfortunately, it wasn't good for drinking anymore. It was stored upright, so the cork dried out. This caused the cork to release TCA into the wine, so it tasted quite horrible. But still, I'm grateful for this present. :)


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