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I didn't really have body issues when I was growing up. Yes, I have imperfections - a lot of them, actually - but I'm okay with what I have. However, just because I'm contented with my body, it doesn't mean I won't try to make small enhancements (operative word is small; plastic surgery is and forever will be out of the question).

For starters, I exercise. Being fit makes me happy, and not just chemically. But the way to enhance myself with zero effort and instant results is actually quite simple: I choose clothes that flatter me. The dress below is one of them:

Gray matters
A perfect fit, I must say, and at such a low price (Php85)! It's very light, breezy, and comfortable; perfect for hot days. It's short enough to show a fair amount of leg, but still long enough to keep me from flashing people when I take the jeepney. 
Details matter
It's usually fluffier than this.
The low waistline of this gray dress lengthens my short torso, and the skirt part gives volume to the hip area to distract from my shapeless waist. And the detail on the neckline gives the illusion of a fuller bosom. 

STORE INFO: The shop is located on the lower ground level of Kimston Plaza in Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. It's the same building with Uni-Mec Grocery warehouse, South Star Drug, and Mang Inasal. 


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