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Since most ukay-ukay shops only have makeshift fitting rooms covered by thin curtains hanging on flimsy string, it's quite difficult to try on tops, dresses, or pants. Not that I would advise you to do so - on the contrary, one should religiously avoid fitting unwashed second-hand clothes.

But that's another reason why I love skirts - they're so much easier to fit! The flowy-er, the better, because then I could just try it on over whatever I'm wearing. I don't have to worry about skin allergies and/or accidentally flashing my underwear to my fellow shoppers.

This skirt is currently one of my current favorites. I bought it for Php65 from the same store in Cubao where I got the chocolate chiffon skirt (click here for the post with the store information). It's cute and flirty, and the fabric is light and breezy so it's perfect for warm days.
Polka-nots! Witty, eh? :)
I hope this doesn't turn into bacon.
The print is quite cute, right? At first glance, one might think they're super small polka dots. But upon closer look, they're actually super small donuts. So let's call them polka-nots. Haha! :) And I like the garter waist; I can eat a lot without having to worry about snaps or buttons flying off when I'm done!


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