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In the Philippines, we have a superstition that if you wear polka dots on New Year's Eve, you will attract money all year long. Obviously, it's not true. But since wearing polka dots won't really do anyone harm, then I suppose it's okay to wear it - not just on the biggest non-holiday celebration of the year, but all year round! You never really know, it just might lure in the cash!

Long top/short dress
I got this for a mere Php90 in Marikina (click here for the post with the store information). It can actually be worn as a dress, but it's way too short for my taste and for my daily commute. And as a dress, it's not very flattering on my shape, so I just wear it as a top, usually with a high-waisted black skirt or slacks.
Back detail
Puffy "Imelda" sleeve
Polka dots are my go-to print on days when I don't want to be too plain. I guess it's partly because of my obsessive-compulsive personality (as proven by the contents of my bag); the consistency of the dots throughout the piece of clothing appeals to me. That's why I instinctively look for this print when I go ukay-ukay shopping.


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