A wish for my loves, and for all

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Since I started working, this is the first year that I'm not going to get anyone anything for Christmas. For the record, I didn't suddenly decide to become the Grinch or Scrooge. I love Christmas, I really do; I'm just really broke right now. Last September, I actually made a list of the people I wanted to buy presents for. However, due to my current domestic situation, the money I intended to spend on presents went to furnishings for the new pad I'm sharing with my friend Pauline.

I wish, oh, I wish
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So this year, instead of presents, I am making a wish on behalf of my loves. And I only have one wish: happiness. 
The one thing
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People may say that I'm crazy about happiness. Well, I did get the Greek word eudaimonia tattooed on my left arm - a word that is loosely translated to happiness. But I believe that everything we want (or we think we want) are just means to find happiness. Happiness is the end goal, and as such should be the one thing to aspire for, to want more than anything. What's sad is we're often wrong about what we think will lead to happiness. We work hard to make money to buy ourselves the latest gadgets or cars or what-have-yous, only to miserably realize that in the end, we wanted all the wrong things.

That being said, I want my loves (my family and my friends) (and the rest of the human race) to have the gift of pure, unadulterated happiness this Christmas. The kind that does not falter in the face of adversity. The kind that does not depend on other people's opinion and/or perception. The kind that does not keep wanting. The kind that sees the good in everyone and in everything. The kind that gives one the strength to smile through pain. The kind that endures. The kind that leads to acceptance. The kind that keeps the heart, mind, and soul open to the world.

A meaningful Christmas Eve to all. :)


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