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Christmas Eve was spent with Alex's family at The Shire, and the whole experience was just wonderful. I went to bed at 7am this morning with a goofy grin on my face, and I woke up eight hours later, still with a grin, still goofy. Yes, Captain Obvious, I'm very happy. So even though most of Christmas Day has already passed me by, I wanted to make the remaining hours count by celebrating. After all, I'm not just celebrating Christmas; I'm celebrating my birthday, as well.

After a quick shower, I walked over to Italianni's Restaurant here in Eastwood, and without even looking at the menu, I ordered my favorite Seafood Risotto. I was quite tempted to order wine, too, but I decided against it and opted for plain old water. I'm actually not fond of Italianni's limited wine selection (they should really consult other sommeliers, like Alex!). And since it was my first meal for the day, pairing it with vino is not exactly a healthy choice (or is it? Haha!).

This is salmon, not whale shark. I promise. 
I was alone, and I was surrounded by tables and tables of families and friends, talking loud and laughing even louder. But by some sort of magic, my ears were able to filter the noise. I was also able to disregard the people who stared at me, the poor girl who was alone on Christmas Day. I was by myself. Or perhaps I should say, I was with myself, and I didn't mind my company at all. I was at peace. I was able to savor each mouthful without anyone yakking into my ear between bites, and without the pressure to say anything just for the sake of responding.

It took me a full hour to clear the plate because I actually relished each bite. As I ate, I quietly looked back at my 26 years - 26 whole years of comedy, drama, and even tragedy - and I was overcome with a sense of gratefulness. Not just for the good, but also for the bad, and even for the downright ugly. I was grateful in spite of, and because of, everything. I said earlier that I didn't mind my own company, and I meant that.. I'm far from perfect but I like how I turned out, and I would not be who I am now if I did not experience what I went through.

Then I made a wish, which my mind whispered to the very ears of the universe.

My soul may have been rejuvenated by the Christmas season, but my physical form still felt a bit weary, so I treated myself to an hour-long massage at Big Apple Express Spa. And just before I went back to my pad, I stopped by Marks and Spencer for one final indulgence - wine. I don't have the proper equipment to store wine after it is opened, so I really appreciate that they sell Domaine Mandeville Chardonnay 2011 in 250mL bottles, which is just the right amount for one sitting.
Peter the Scotsman from Scotland would not be pleased with this Chardonnay, but it's cheap and it's in a small plastic bottle so I got it. And it's quite okay for its price, so there. 
The day is already over, but because tomorrow is my birthday, the celebration will continue - at Cyrano.

For the last time this year, Merry Christmas, everyone! :)


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