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About a month ago, I met up with my big brother, Erroll, in Eastwood. His day was just starting so he needed breakfast, and I had just come from a run with Hannah in UP so I needed sustenance as well. He brought me to Tsoko-Nut Batirol, a restaurant located at the ground level of The Eastwood Excelsior.

Cute logo
Nice story
It's a nice little place, and when I say little, I really mean it - the inside could only accommodate about fifteen people tops. I've always passed it by whenever I went to Subway, but I never got to try it until then. Apparently, it's my brother's favorite place because the food is good but quite cheap.
Menu Boards
Quite the selection
Tsoko-Nut Batirol's specialty is hot chocolate (obviously), but I didn't try that. I also didn't try any of their pastries although they looked quite tempting. I didn't want a sugar rush at 9pm.
Beef Tapa
Coco Liempo
So I ordered a wholesome meal of beef tapa and rice, the quintessential Pinoy breakfast meal, while my brother ordered coco liempo. I've had better tapa, I will admit, but this one was not bad for its price.
Sampaloc Swing!
The best part of our meal was the drink called Sampaloc Swing. It's basically sampaloc (tamarind) juice with some sort of jelly sinkers (maybe nata or gelatin, I'm not sure). It's so good that I actually chugged down a couple of glasses!

If you live and/or work in Eastwood, then you'd know that Tsoko-Nut Batirol is one of the cheaper non-fast-food joints around. Pinoy food is, to me, a very nice break from burgers, french fries, and MSG-laden chicken.


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