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I'm so tempted to start another blog category just for wine! Maybe I could call it 'Wine Saturday' - does have a nice ring to it, right? But I'm far from being a connoisseur, and I'm afraid I won't be able to sustain the cost of weekly wine trippings at my current income level. So I guess I should scrap that idea for now.

But I suppose there's no harm in writing about wine whenever I can. So for this Friday's first, I'm going to share with you my new favorite - Bodegas Santa Ana Malbec 2010 from Mendoza, Argentina. I popped my first bottle open to quietly and privately celebrate Ateneo de Manila's fifth straight UAAP Basketball Championship. I'm not a college basketball fanatic. But a five-peat is not easy to achieve, so they have my respect.

Tasting notes! :)
This was the first time I was trying wine for the sake of tasting it. I've had wine many, many times before that evening, mostly with friends, and the point was always to drink and be merry. I drank wine but I wasn't conscious of what I was drinking; it's like going to the Louvre and not stopping to admire the Mona Lisa.
A Booksale bargain! Love it! :)
So I've decided to do things a little differently. I only had a glass, and I took notes with each sip. Armed with my Moleskine journal, my fabulous Inoxcrom fountain pen (a gift from Joandrea), and the wine-tasting guide from Food and Wine Magazine's 2007 supplement called Wine Guide (which I got from Book Sale at a measly Php10.00!), I started the wine-tasting exercise.
A few simple steps
First I wrote the brand, varietal, harvest year, and origin. Then I observed the color. It's a deep but bright red, with hints of deep purple. The deeper the color, the fuller-bodied the wine is, and that's what you'd expect of a Malbec. I took note of the color, and moved on to the aroma.
Rewritten notes! :)
I swirled the glass (I almost spilled it, because my glass was too small, boo!) and the aromas of the wine just wafted to my nose. There was a strong, fruity scent, but I can't quite tell what fruits they are. My nose couldn't detect any hints of oak, which some winemakers use to age the wine, but I did pick up some vanilla.

And then I took a sip. It was highly acidic, and my mouth almost instantly went dry. I could taste the fruit notes, but I could not tell them apart still. I read the label and it said that the wine contained hints of plum and blackberry; I couldn't tell because I don't eat plums and blackberries. Haha!

But to be fair to myself, I did get the vanilla part right! I also tried to suck air in while I let the wine sit in my mouth (a bit difficult to do, and I definitely didn't make it look sexy at all, haha!), and the flavors just exploded on my palate! It's amazing!

Wine tasting was quite a difficult exercise, and I can't say I did great on my first try. But like any other acquired skill, one must keep practicing to get better at it. I'm not setting out to become a sommelier or anything, but I would like to appreciate wine for something other than its alcohol-induced soothing effect.
My own Carnet Vins. :)
Cover Page
For that reason, I decided to start a new journal just for my wine! I found this really cute recycled paper notebook in Papemelroti to write on. I actually had to rewrite the notes on the Malbec because I'm OC like that. After I fill this notebook, I'm going to buy a Moleskine Passions Wine Journal - hopefully, I'll be a better wine-taster by then.

Cheers to more wines! :)


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