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Some time last year, I went to this bar (can't remember the name of the place, sorry!) near Merville, Paranaque for Friday night drinks with Kuya Bong (my cousin Faye's boyfriend) and his kids, plus some of my other cousins. Kuya Bong is actually based in the US, so his visit was mostly for business, but he did manage to squeeze in some leisure time for all of us.

At Kuya Bong's hotel in Manila
Anyhow, the place is small and cozy. There's a small makeshift stage on one corner, and they had only one performer for the evening (I think his name is JR). Like every good performer in the Philippines, he asked the crowd to join in. Since it's no secret that I like to sing, my cousins made me walk up to the stage.
The family
Together we performed Carole King's It's Too Late, D'Sound's Tattooed on my Mind, and Antonio Carlos Jobim's Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema). He's quite the guitarist, I must say. I'm no stranger to impromptu performances, and it's always a good thing to have reliable instrumentalists behind you.
"So, what should we play?"
JR must have been getting tired of playing (that evening, at least), so he also asked the crowd if there were other guitarists who would like to replace him for a bit. My former boyfriend, Marvie, was actually with us, so we made him play, too.
Taking over
And just like that, we had a gig - an impromptu one, but a gig nonetheless. He wasn't ready, though; he couldn't think of anything to play that I could sing. We actually took quite a while to decide on what to play. But we did manage to perform two songs.

In my experience, impromptu gigs are much more fun than the ones I actually have to prepare for. Being an overthinker, I tend to choke on expected gigs because there's more pressure to do well. So without the time to worry, I don't worry - I just do what needs to be done! Haha!


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