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In 2011, Mr. Big came to Manila for a concert, on the same night Justin Bieber performed for Filipino audiences. Vocalist Eric Martin even commented that the kids were watching Bieber in SM Mall of Asia while the parents were rocking it with Mr. Big in Araneta Coliseum. Well, obviously I don't have kids, and I'm not exactly old, but I chose Mr. Big over the Biebs because I like to think that I know good music. 

Just like every kid who grew up in the 90s, I listened to heavy radio airplay of Mr. Big's To Be With You, and of course, Wild World! Haha! But to be honest, I only really appreciated them in the past few years. My ex-boyfriend's love for them rubbed off on me so much that when I heard about the concert, I immediately bought tickets for both of us.
Justin who?
And just like every good Filipino concert-goer, I listened to all their albums before the big night! I had to be able to sing along to truly enjoy the experience! Haha! But seriously, the concert was absolutely awesome - even the front act, General Luna, was absolutely awesome. I wish I had money then to pay for front-row seats; we had to settle for the lower box, which was as far as my dough would take me.
"Gates Opens." Hahaha!

Billy Sheehan was just freakin' awesome! He played bass with his teeth. His TEETH! How amazing is that? Paul Gilbert totally rocked my world with his guitar solos. Pat Torpey is the best drummer I've seen live. And Eric Martin's voice hasn't changed one bit since the 90s! 

But the best part about the concert was when the band members switched places. Eric Martin took the drums, Billy Sheehan took the guitars, Paul Gilbert sang, and Pat Torpey took bass! It was incredible! I didn't realize they could be more talented than I originally thought they were. 

If they ever come back to Manila, I promise I'm going to try to get a better seat! :)


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