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It was on my college senior year that I first got to watch Wunjo play. When I signed on to manage Familiar, I would go out with them almost every Thursday night to watch Wunjo play at Chakik's, a (now-closed) small restobar in City Golf Plaza in Ortigas.

These guys were the quintessential Pinoy superband: guitarist Ian Umali is from POT, bassist Mally Paraguya is from POT, Tame the Tikbalang, and Eraserheads (briefly), keyboardist Tom Vinoya is from Wahijuara, drummer Jay Gapasin is from Radioactive Sago Project, and vocalist Vic Facultad is from Indio I.
Vic Facultad
Ian Umali
But it wasn't just their former/concurrent gigs that made them a supergroup. Each member was absolutely incredible at what he does, what with their extensive musical backgrounds. The sum of the parts was absolutely greater than the whole. Wunjo had chemistry, and their music was proof of that.
Mally Paraguya
Tom Vinoya
I was deeply saddened when I learned of their decision to go on an indefinite hiatus (but to this day, I've not let go of all hope for a reunion gig). Wunjo's break was a great loss to my weekly musical routine, which basically involved watching their gigs with a macho (I think it's actually called mucho, but Familiar called it macho because it was big and heavy) mug of Red Horse Beer.
Jay Gapasin
So naturally, I didn't pass up the chance to watch their farewell gig at 70s Bistro in Anonas. It's a shame Familiar couldn't join me, except for our bassist, Mathew. The gig was not meant to be missed by a fan. (Did I mention that Familiar was actually inspired by Wunjo?)

Armed with a bottle of Jack Daniel's and cigarettes, the band went on to play an absolutely mind-blowing two sets. Towards the end, they played their original single Do You Wanna Be My Woman, which is the perfect sexy flirting song and therefore my own personal favorite.

If these guys ever get back together again, you'll find me front and center wherever they decide to play. I'm their wholesome groupie/Band-Aid, haha! :)


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