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Looking back.
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The second half of the year was actually marked on my blog with a wish for people to have a great second half of 2012. Mine was looking good at the start - I was really getting into running. I ran in the gym, on a treadmill. I ran outside. I ran in the rain. I joined running events, even one in Baguio City. I was no longer running from heartache; I was running towards a goal, and that's to finish the full 42K marathon.

Gershwin and I worked on new material as we tried to improve on our earlier compositions, although we had to put everything on hold for a bit since his fiancee gave birth to their second son. My cousin gave me his bass guitar, and I'm slowly trying to get my groove back. I kept exploring new artists, most of whom are foreign indie acts, drawing inspiration as I struggle to make my own music.

When I went to Dumaguete, I re-learned to enjoy my own company, so I didn't mind staying home alone a lot. I kept myself busy, but I wasn't proverbially running anymore. I bought and read new books. I watched new movies and television series. I indulged in wine. I wrote like a mad woman. And of course, I kept blogging. I even bought a camera (a second-hand one from my friend Pauline) so my posts would have better pictures.

I finally got a tattoo; I had the word eudaimonia permanently inked on my arm. Seeing it is almost like a constant reminder of the one thing I need and want, of the one thing I truly aspire for, of the one thing I have to choose - happiness. Whatever else we need, we think we need, and/or we want is just a means to that ultimate goal, anyway. And regardless of what we get or don't get, our successes and failures, we can be happy if, and only if we decide to be.

Travel was also part of the second half of 2012. I went to Baguio with several friends from the office, and I definitely had the time of my life there! I shopped. I ran. I sang. It was a weekend filled with first-time experiences that I will always look back to - fondly, at that. It was a much-needed trip after my stepmother kicked me out of the house. I stayed in Malabon briefly, and then in Pasig, before I finally made it to my new home in Eastwood - a cute bachelorette pad I share with my good friend, Pauline.

Kim and I are laying the groundwork for the short film. That project has been looming over me since I penned the original story in college, and it feels great that we will finally be able to make it happen (we're targeting the first quarter of 2013). And speaking of making things happen, I finally mustered the guts to ask someone out. It was casual, and some might argue that it doesn't quite count since he brought up the idea first. But I still think it counts because I was the one who actually asked the question.

Christmas was spent with my friend, Alex, and his family. I originally planned to spend the evening by myself in the pad. I told Alex about it, and he invited me to join them for the holidays. I didn't want to go at first, but at the last minute, I said yes. Christmas is, after all, about family. A part of me longs to be with my father and my brother, but I'm not ready to face them just yet. I'm not angry, but I will admit that I am still hurting. We should be able to patch things up in the future. For now,  however, I'm focusing on myself.

And oh, this year I had one of the best birthdays ever. I love my friends to bits! :)


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