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Aside from the list of the names of people who greeted me on my birthday, I also make a list of the presents that I received (and I write down the name of the giver, of course!). Since I was born the day after Christmas, I usually get 2-in-1 presents to cover both occasions, which I don't mind. I'm always grateful for the gifts that I receive, whatever they may be. It helps that I'm very easy to please (I squeal in delight when I get greeting cards, haha!).

Below are the presents I got for Christmas and/or my 26th:
Marks and Spencer Digestives
From Irish and Alex
A canister of cute candies
From Carlo, Nina, and Finn
Chewy Cookies
From Mau, Raymond, and Reina
Cute Notepad
From Earl
Cross Necklace
From John and Peachy
Ice Cream Cup (with cover and spoon)
From Karen
Hazelnut Cream Popcorn
From Luckie
Yummy, fruity skin creams
From Nellie
My favorite nuts in the Universe
From Oliver
Girly-girl socks
From Shaine
Lovely, lovely, lovely dress
From Tagpi
Wallet slash organizer
From Tita Noemi
Inspiration Journal
From Unilever Foods
Nail Polish
From Kat Gar
Health drinks
From Stein and family 
For the Running Belle
From Danna-Belles
Woohoo, perfume!
From Mamu Vange
Aquazorb Face Towel
From Ana A 
Tank tops for the human think tank
From Luckie and Ate Celeste
Happy life stamps! How appropriate - I'm on a happiness mission! :)
From Joandrea :)
Thank you everyone! Please know that I really, really, REALLY appreciate your presents. :)


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