Turning 26 part 1 / Bash

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Truth: I wanted to spend my birthday by myself in Batangas. I wanted to work on my tan and avoid people in general. I'm not very fond of my natal day because it's almost impossible to celebrate with people who aren't family. That, and I had a really traumatic eighth birthday, which still mildly haunts me to this day. But life (a.k.a. my friends) had other plans. The Running Belles (plus Luckie) knew that I had just moved in to my new pad, and they thought it would be nice to celebrate my birthday there. It would also be our barkada Christmas dinner, hitting two Angry Birds with one stone.

But then another friend sort of intervened. Alex, the man behind Cyrano (my favorite wine shop in the universe), insisted that I celebrate my birthday there. It's not a bad idea. For starters, my condo's quite small, so I'm not sure my friends and I would be comfortable there. Not only is there more space in Cyrano, there's also a nice sound system setup. I get to order the wine I want (and could afford). I don't have to clean up when the party is over. And since Shaine really wanted to see the Christmas lights show in Ayala Triangle, it was decided that we're moving the bash to Cyrano.

The Belles + Luckie posing as vampires
L-R: Ana, Shaine, Danna, Luckie, moi, Janel, and Hannah
I'm glad we made that decision, because my 26th turned out to be one of the best birthday celebrations I've ever had. It wasn't fancy. We just watched the Christmas lights show. Then we had dinner; we bought food from The Plantation, another restaurant down the street, and ate at the shop. We had wine - two bottles of Solea Merlot 2011. We talked - just to update one another, since we haven't had the luxury to do so as of late. We joked and we laughed - like we always do whenever we have the chance. And we sang - with Janel taking the lead, and the rest of us joining in when we can.

In the middle of the talking, joking, laughing, and singing, I stepped out to talk to my best friend, Joandrea. My eyes welled up when she asked if my family tried to reach out to me this season. Like I said in a previous post, I am no longer angry at my father and my brother, but I am not ready for a reunion. The reason why I am not ready is because I am still waiting for an apology. After everything that happened, I am absolutely certain that I deserve it. I hope one day they'll realize what they did and just take responsibility for it.

But despite the drama, I still had a great time. Other Cyrano friends were there. Peter the Scotsman from Scotland came by quite early for his usual Chardonnay fix, and he even got to chat with some of my friends. Vida showed up (she gave me a ride to Eastwood! Thanks, Vida!) with her friend AD, who was actually a regular at the shop before she took a job abroad a couple of months ago (sniff! She's super nice, so I hope she comes back home soon!). Chef Ian of La Girolle arrived last. And before the alcohol put me to sleep (yes, I fell asleep on the ottoman again), I still managed to sing Girl from Ipanema for everyone, in the original Portuguese, of course! :)

No birthday party would be complete without the wish! I only asked the universe for one thing. If you know me well enough, or if you've been reading this blog, then you'd probably have a good idea what my wish is. I wished for happiness, and it already came true. My friends (Ana, Shaine, Danna, Luckie, Janel, Hannah, and Alex) made sure of it. :)
Thank you, Joco! :)
P.S. My celebration had a sort of part two! The day after my bash, I went back to Cyrano to pick up something I left behind. I was supposed to leave early, but I ended up staying until late again! Joco, one of the owners, showed up and got our group some really good wine! Thanks Joco (and Patti, Nino, Chito, and Alex)! See you guys this New Year's Eve! :)


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