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My mother was a career woman, so her closet was filled with the same things I have in mine now - blazers, slacks, and collared tops - basic office attire. The main difference between then and now is she spent a lot of money on her wardrobe and I didn't; there weren't a lot of ukay-ukay shops in Manila when I was younger.

I would have wanted to wear some of her clothes; classics never go out of style, and she had quite a considerable collection of tailored suits. But I'm about five whole inches taller than my mother, and I'm thinner than she was, so I wasn't exactly in line to inherit anything in her wardrobe.

She was a stylish woman, and I wish I could look as chic as she did in her prime. That's why when I go ukay-ukay shopping, I look for pieces that remind me of what my mother used to wear to work. This is one of them:

Sort of vintage, eh?
This top called me by name, so I grabbed it the moment I laid eyes on it. I got this from an ukay-ukay shop in Guadalupe (click here for the post with the store information) for only Php20, so that's another reason why I absolutely love it!

I don't exactly have the washboard abs (or the nerve) to wear this with low-rise jeans, so I always pair this with high-waisted skirts or pants. It's quite loose so it's perfect for concealing the extra padding on my tummy!
Everything goes in circles
Even if I don't particularly like the color (blue doesn't do me any favors), I bought this top anyway because the pattern appealed to me. The individual circles, oblongs, rings, and Os exude continuity, and how these elements are linked together to form a chain of some sort gives off a sense of interconnectivity.

Yes, my overthinking extends to my clothing.


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