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I lived in org shirts, jeans, and sneakers in college. I occasionally wore dresses and skirts, but those were quite rare because I didn't have a lot of them then. A lot of what I post for my blog's Ukay Monday category are things I would never have worn as a college student, but this is NOT one of them:

I'm ready for rain! Well, not really.
Given that comfort was my only consideration for any outfit back then, this top is definitely something I would have worn. If I had this then, I would have worn this everyday! It's perfectly casual, and is thus an accurate reflection of my style at the time.

It's made of light cotton fabric so it's quite perfect for a person who commutes in Philippine weather. It's white, so it would go with any pair of jeans (not a lot of thinking required). It's simple, but quite adorable - the umbrella decal adds a nice touch of color. And cuteness. Haha!
I bought this top for only Php85 from the same ukay-ukay shop where I got my evening running top (click here for the post with the store information).


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