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I am an extremely picky eater, and vegetables are not on my list of favorite foods. So I will admit that when my friends Hannah and Luckie suggested that we eat at Oh My Gulay on our trip to Baguio, I was quite apprehensive.

Creepy welcome!
But I promised myself that I would be open to new experiences, I decided to just go with it. I'm glad I did! Oh My Gulay is awesome! It's a vegetarian restaurant owned by acclaimed Filipino director, Kidlat Tahimik.
A slice of paradise atop a building
An interesting art piece. :)
The second level
It's located on the fifth level of one of the buildings along Session Road. There's no elevator, so by the time we actually got to sit, we were all famished. In addition to the absolutely breathtaking interiors, the place also offers a great view of Baguio City.
Ana being pensive.
Again, I am the farthest thing from a vegetarian, but I was quite satisfied with what I had. The portions are huge, so I actually didn't get to finish my food. I ordered Pancit Gulay (so typically safe, so typically me!), and it was delicious! I also sampled my friends' orders, and I actually liked everything! :)
The menu is printed on wrinkly recycled paper
Mine: Pancit Gulay
Neo: Chow Chow
For all of us: Lumpia Salad
Luckie, Hannah, and Ana (one each of the same thing): Pasta Mestizo
Half the trip was spent laughing! We all needed to get away from everything - our work, our families, our responsibilities - at the time, and our trip was a welcome break. The picture below, taken by Luckie, is my absolute favorite from the whole getaway:
Thoroughly happy girls! :)
The place was so beautiful, so we really had to have our photo taken. Good thing the wait staff were really nice and accommodating. :)
Finally, we had our fill! :) L-R: Ana, Hannah, Luckie, moi, Neo
Our friend Neo is actually from Thailand, so we made sure he had a lot of pictures to show his family when he went home.
Only one person knows how to pose.
Now that's better. :)
P.S. I feel really great about the November Baguio trip. In terms of photos, this was the total opposite of my Dumaguete adventure, where I only had 30 pictures to show for my eight days there. The new problem is choosing which photos to share! :)


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